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Best Instructional Paddling Film – RPFF2013

We just found out that our White Water Safety Movie won the award for Best Instructional Paddling Film at the 2013 Reel Paddling Film Festival!

We are happy to say the least but what does this mean?

It means a shortened version of our White Water Safety Film is now going to be shown at over 70 venues WORLDWIDE!

Hopefully this will help spread the word of good practise to paddlers everywhere, hopefully this will help somebody somewhere make the right decision on the river and for us, it means the hard work over the last couple of years has not been in vain.

Many thanks to all those who helped us, it literally means the world to us!


Review – Canoe and Kayak UK magazine


‘Canoe and Kayak UK’ magazine have published a review of the White Water Safety DVD in their latest issue, no. 143.

Here’s what they thought;

“production values are, unsurprisingly, very good”

“an effective home learning tool”

“every topic covered is well illustrated”

“throughout the DVD the tone remains upbeat”

“even the more serious aspects of whitewater safety are handled delicately”

“a fantastic addition to the white water safety media library”

White Water Safety Movie Teaser

If you would like a glimpse of what the White Water Safety DVD  is about please look here;

White Water Safety Movie Teaser

[vimeo width=”600″ height=”365″ video_id=”47726667″]

It contains 10 easy to follow chapters covering all the material you’ll find on most White Water Safety and Rescue courses.

To find out more about the The White Water Safety film or to purchase a copy, then look here