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It makes us happy to receive positive feedback, this is what we wanted from the White Water Safety film.
Here’s what Unsponsored.co.uk thought of the White Water Safety Movie.
It made us feel pretty good about the work we’ve put in.
Just wanted to say thanks for the DVD.
Bloody awesome.
I went on a BCU safety course a couple of years ago, to go with my 4* training. This was great, but some of it didn’t really ‘go in’.
This DVD was a superb way of reminding me of the course content.
Used in conjunction with Franco’s WWSR book, everything makes more sense!
It’s going to be a fantastic resource to use for me and my paddling mates.
Plenty of stuff to practice.
Many thanks. !!”
Will Hartley
“I’m a 56 year old Outdoor Instructor, who paddles G3 and 4 in kayak and canoe (An updated BCU L3 Kayak and Canoe, L4 Sea, UKCC Tutor and FSRT provider) I attended an Advanced WWSR 2 years ago. I introduce people to and bring on paddlers on rivers up to G2 before handing them onto more experienced people.  Watched the DVD in a oner because I was enthralled with the open minded and positive way it was put across. It was put across in a non condescending fashion leaving me feeling that I had been given concepts  and equipment choices to use and play with rather than being told this is the only way to do it. A super reference. The easy going double act atmosphere created by yourself and Dougie within the DVD was just right and kept me interested to the end. I can see that the DVD should be a must for anyone thinking about progressing to moving water and for those who reckon that they can paddle on moving water but don’t yet realise that you are only as good as your rescue ability .     I’m off to my local river this weekend to practise.   I will be recommending this DVD to every paddler and Instructor that I know.”
Robert Baird
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